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Facts & Stats

Houston Methodist Research Institute

Facts & Statistics 

Houston Methodist Research Institute was formed in 2004 to rapidly and efficiently translate discoveries made in the laboratory and the clinic into new diagnostics, therapies, and treatments. Important advances in biomedical sciences and healthcare are made by collaborative, interdisciplinary teams of individuals with diverse scientific backgrounds and training. The Research Institute was created to provide the infrastructure and support for these endeavors, and to house the technology and resources needed to make innovative breakthroughs in important areas of human disease.

Houston Methodist Research Institute Facts & Statistics sheet is available for download.


  • $15.2 million in National Institutes of Health funding
  • $55 million in total extramural funding
  • $125 million in annual research expenditures
  • Top 20 U.S. domestic hospital based research institutes

The Building

  • 440,000 square feet dedicated research building with 12 stories and 150 lab benches
  • 100,000 additional square feet research space embedded throughout the hospital

Affiliations & People

  • 277 members
  • 1,400 credentialed researchers
  • National Affiliates: Weill Cornell Medical College, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and the University of Houston
  • International Affiliates: Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School, Tsinghua University, Swansea University, The Monterrey Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, University of Padua


  • 840 clinical protocols
  • 3 National Cancer Institute funded multidisciplinary centers:
    • The Center for Transport Oncophysics
    • The Texas Center for Cancer Nanomedicine
    • The Center for Systematic Modeling of Cancer Development
  • 4 interdisciplinary departments: Cardiovascular Sciences, Nanomedicine, Systems Medicine & Bioengineering, and Translational Imaging
  • 10 programs including cancer, cardiovascular regeneration, inflammation & epigenetics, diabetes & metabolic disease, infectious disease, neurosciences, transplant immunology, genomic medicine, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine and outcomes research


  • State-of-the-art imaging facility including commercial-grade SPECT, wide-bore MRI and PET
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facilities to produce pharmaceuticals, vaccines and nanoparticles for testing and research
  • Microscopy: confocal laser scanning microscope, in vivo multi-photon laser scanning microscope, field emission scanning electron microscope
  • 1 cyclotron to create radioisotopes for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic imaging
  • 9 hot cells (chemistry labs in lead boxes) in cGMP radiochemistry lab to produce radiopharmaceuticals
  • Rapid transport system for short-lived radiopharmaceuticals from hot cells to research floors
  • 20 cores for access to cutting-edge technology and data analysis, including molecular diagnostics, proteomics, flow cytometry, pathology, biomedical informatics & biostatistics support, microarray and a serum/tissue bank

Training & Education

  • Houston Methodist Academy oversees 500+ research trainees
  • Governed by the Council of Deans, which includes members of the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Science, and National Academy of Engineers
  • Academic Programs
    • Summer Student Program for Undergraduate Students
    • Graduate Student 2-Year Traineeship
    • Medical Studies Program
    • Translational Postdoctoral Training Program
    • Clinical Scientist & Research Lecture Series
    • Internship Programs
  • Trainees from international affiliate institutions and the University of Texas, Rice, Cornell, Yale, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern Universities.

Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIE)

  • Surgical training and virtual hospital facility
  • 15 procedural skills stations
  • Cardiothoracic operating room
  • 3 research operating rooms
  • Inanimate skills lab
  • Video editing suite