Qin lab Publications

Recent Progress of Microfluidics in Translational Applications
Liu, Z, Han, X & Qin, L 2016, Advanced Healthcare Materials, vol 5, no. 8, pp. 871-888. DOI:

Nanoporous Glass Integrated in Volumetric Bar-Chart Chip for Point-of-Care Diagnostics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Li, Y, Xuan, J, Song, Y, Qi, W, He, B, Wang, P & Qin, L 2016, ACS Nano, vol 10, no. 1, pp. 1640-7. DOI:

Microfluidic Cell Deformability Assay for Rapid and Efficient Kinase Screening with the CRISPR-Cas9 System
Han, X, Liu, Z, Zhao, L, Wang, F, Yu, Y, Yang, J, Chen, R & Qin, L 2016, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. DOI:

Integrative volumetric bar-chart chip for rapid and quantitative point-of-care detection of myocardial infarction biomarkers
Song, Y, Wang, Y, Qi, W, Li, Y, Xuan, J, Wang, P & Qin, L 2016, Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology, vol 16, no. 15, pp. 2955-2962. DOI:

Microfluidic cytometric analysis of cancer cell transportability and invasiveness
Liu, Z, Lee, Y, Jang, JH, Li, Y, Han, X, Yokoi, K, Ferrari, M, Zhou, L & Qin, L 2015, Scientific Reports, vol 5, 14272. DOI:

High-Throughput, Label-Free Isolation of Cancer Stem Cells on the Basis of Cell Adhesion Capacity
Zhang, Y, Wu, M, Han, X, Wang, P & Qin, L 2015, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol 54, no. 37, pp. 10838-10842. DOI:

Retinal synaptic regeneration via microfluidic guiding channels
Su, PJ, Liu, Z, Zhang, K, Han, X, Saito, Y, Xia, X, Yokoi, K, Shen, H & Qin, L 2015, Scientific Reports, vol 5, 13591. DOI:

A microfluidic platform with digital readout and ultra-low detection limit for quantitative point-of-care diagnostics
Li, Y, Xuan, J, Song, Y, Wang, P & Qin, L 2015, Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology, vol 15, no. 16, pp. 3300-3306. DOI:

CRISPR-Cas9 delivery to hard-to-transfect cells via membrane deformation
Han, X, Liu, Z, Jo, MC, Zhang, K, Li, Y, Zeng, Z, Li, N, Zu, Y & Qin, L 2015, Science advances, vol 1, no. 7, pp. e1500454. DOI:

Imaging of cell-cell communication in a vertical orientation reveals high-resolution structure of immunological synapse and novel PD-1 dynamics
Jang, JH, Huang, Y, Zheng, P, Chan Jo, M, Bertolet, G, Zhu, MX, Qin, L & Liu, D 2015, Journal of Immunology, vol 195, no. 3, pp. 1320-1330. DOI:

High-throughput analysis of yeast replicative aging using a microfluidic system
Jo, MC, Liu, W, Gu, L, Dang, W & Qin, L 2015, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol 112, no. 30, pp. 9364-9369. DOI:

Utilizing a high-throughput microfluidic platform to study hypoxia-driven mesenchymal-mode cell migration
Zhang, Y, Wen, J, Zhou, L & Qin, L 2015, Integrative Biology (United Kingdom), vol 7, no. 6, pp. 672-680. DOI:

Competitive Volumetric Bar-Chart Chip with Real-Time Internal Control for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Li, Y, Xuan, J, Xia, T, Han, X, Song, Y, Cao, Z, Jiang, X, Guo, Y, Wang, P & Qin, L 2015, Analytical Chemistry, vol 87, no. 7, pp. 3771-3777. DOI:

A High-content screen identifies compounds promoting the neuronal differentiation and the midbrain dopamine neuron specification of human neural progenitor cells
Rhim, JH, Luo, X, Xu, X, Gao, D, Zhou, T, Li, F, Qin, L, Wang, P, Xia, X & Wong, STC 2015, Scientific reports, vol 5, pp. 16237. DOI:

Recruited metastasis suppressor NM23-H2 attenuates expression and activity of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor d (PPARd) in human cholangiocarcinoma
He, F, York, JP, Burroughs, SG, Qin, L, Xia, J, Chen, D, Quigley, EM, Webb, P, LeSage, GD & Xia, X 2015, Digestive and Liver Disease, vol 47, no. 1, pp. 62-67. DOI:

Integration of platinum nanoparticles with a volumetric bar-chart chip for biomarker assays
Song, Y, Xia, X, Wu, X, Wang, P & Qin, L 2014, Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol 53, no. 46, pp. 12451-12455. DOI:

High-throughput 3D cell invasion chip enables accurate cancer metastatic assays
Zhang, Y, Zhou, L & Qin, L 2014, Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol 136, no. 43, pp. 15257-15262. DOI:

Human equilibrative nucleoside transporter-1 knockdown tunes cellular mechanics through epithelial-mesenchymal transition in pancreatic cancer cells
Lee, Y, Koay, EJ, Zhang, W, Qin, L, Kirui, DK, Hussain, F, Shen, H & Ferrari, M 2014, PLoS ONE, vol 9, no. 10, e107973. DOI:

Hand-held and integrated single-cell pipettes
Zhang, K, Han, X, Li, Y, Li, SY, Zu, Y, Wang, Z & Qin, L 2014, Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol 136, no. 31, pp. 10858-10861. DOI: