Our laboratory’s current research focuses on developing tools and methods to understand and regulate complex biological networks that are critical to the development of disease, and developing nano-micro-fabricated sensors for biomaterial characterization that can be used to improve precancerous lesion detection. Nano-micro-scale science, information and biomedicine are integrative components of our research, and are used in combination with advanced engineering tools to facilitate biomedical studies and develop robust diagnostics for global health initiatives.

Nordson AP-600 March Asher
J.A. Woollam M-2000VI Ellipsometer
Thermo Scientific Programmable Oven
Brewer Science Cee 200X Automatic Spin Coater
Armor Bead Bath
Bio-Rad Mini-Protein Tetra System
Sorvall ST16 Centrifuge
Sanyo Scientific Biomedical Freezer (-20°C)
Millipore Milli-Q
Sanyo Scientific Biomedical Freezer (-80°C)
Lindberg BLUE M Vacuum Oven
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415R
Sorvall RC 6+ Centrifuge
Fisher Scientific Sonic Dismembrator
Bruker Microflex High Performance MALDI-TOF MS
Thermo Speedvac SPD 111V with RVT 4104 Trap and OFP400 Pump
Thermo Alps 50V 96 Well Plate Sealer
Fisher Multi-purpose Vortexer
BIORAD Protean II Large format Gel system for SDS-PAGE and 2D IEF
Benchmark Digital Dry Bath
Labnet Vortemp 56 Temperature Controlled Vortexer