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COI Policy

Research Conflict of Interest (COI) Program

Houston Methodist is committed to integrity and the protection of patient welfare. Our Research Conflicts of Interest program is intended to ensure that the design, conduct, reporting and publication of research will not be biased by actual or perceived conflicts of interest. Houston Methodist's goal is to promote the identification and, if required, resolution or management of such conflicts in the context of research.

HMRI Policy RE-14 (Conflicts of Interest in Research) is intended to ensure that the design, conduct, reporting & publication of Research will not be biased by any Conflicts of Interest. This policy applies to all persons performing research at Houston Methodist.

Public requests for information concerning PHS funded investigators who have financial conflicts of interest must be made in writing to:

Mary K. Clancy, MSN, CCRC, CIP
HMRI Office of Research Protections
Houston Methodist Research Institute
6565 Fannin Street, MGJ6-014
Houston, TX 77030

The request must include the name of the investigator, the nature of the request, and a return address. A written response to a requestor will be provided within five business days from the receipt of the request in the Office of Research Protections office.