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Weight Management & Nutrition Programs
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It’s important to fuel your body for performance. Maintaining a healthy weight and eating a nutritious diet can keep you prepared for the rigors of life and functioning more effectively in nearly everything you do. Just a 10% weight loss can have a huge impact on your health. Take advantage of the programs and resources below to help you shed those extra pounds and start living healthier.

Methodist Wellness@Work©

This 12-week series of fun, interactive classes focuses on nutrition and weight management. Each session includes hands-on experience with real food and participants gain knowledge in portion sizes, meal planning, label reading and other important nutrition and lifestyle skills.

Nutrition Consultations

Meet with a registered dietitian to review nutrition-related health concerns and improve overall “nutrition wellness.” Medical history, weight trend, food preferences, and personal goals will be explored and an action plan developed.

Metabolic Assessment

Learn how much body fat, muscle mass, and water is in your body. A detailed report will be provided along with a daily calorie recommendation to help you lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Hands-On, Healthy Cooking

Real Food. Real Simple. Real Results. Receive hands-on experience in these cooking classes with a Registered Dietitian. By combining nutrition education with culinary skills, participants become equipped with the skills needed to make good nutrition a reality. Classes are offered once a week for six weeks.