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Primary Care Sports Medicine

Primary Care Sports Medicine

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Primary Care Sports Medicine (PCSM) is an area of medicine, which focuses on the whole patient - from chronic or acute conditions to overuse sports injuries and concussions. Combining family medicine and sports medicine, our board certified PCSM physicians treat athletes and everyday active individuals of all ages to ensure overall health and well being for long active lives.

The Houston Methodist Willowbrook PCSM team consists of Dr. Scott Rand, PCSM, Fellowship director and the director of the Houston Methodist Human Performance Lab, Dr. Gregory Seelhoefer and Dr. Christian Schupp, FACSM.

The physicians work closely with their orthopedic colleagues, the rehabilitation therapists, and certified athletic trainers to provide comprehensive care to athletes and active families.

The Sports Health team recognizes as youth sports programs become increasingly more rigorous and weekend warriors continue to raise the bar with limited time for training that providing preventative care and education geared towards those wanting to remain active will reduce risk of injury. They frequently speak within the community and work closely with high school athletic programs and organized sports clubs throughout Houston.

Understanding the physiology of common sports injuries and the rigorous environment to which most patients will return, the team is able to prepare unique treatment plans for rapid recovery and optimal long term results. The addition of a new Human Performance Lab, and senior exercise physiologist, Mark Morrison, further separates the Houston Methodist Willowbrook Sports Health team from any other in the area.

Injuries and overuse conditions of young athletes, professional athletes and weekend warriors alike are treated first nonsurgically with physical therapy as well as injection, ultrasound and shockwave therapies, in order to restore function and strength to the injured limb.

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The nonsurgical treatment that our primary care sports medicine specialists are using to address injuries and overuse conditions are minimizing risks to surrounding tissue and reducing recovery time – returning athletes back to their sport quickly and safely.

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