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Together, we have all the pieces to help you create a healthier future.

You hold the power to optimize your health, well-being and personal effectiveness though prevention and lifestyle modification. We can help you identify your personal wellness goals and chart a realistic course of action to achieve them. We’ll support you along the way and provide information and tools to help you get there. We’ll also be there to celebrate your success and help you maintain your achievements.

We do it every day with our own employees and over 450 companies — and we can do it with you!

A Leader in Wellness Solutions

As innovators in healthcare, we effectively use lifestyle modification to improve the health, well-being and personal effectiveness for individuals and families. An integral part of our success is the health and wellbeing of our 15,000 employees. We consistently place at the top in surveys of health care quality and employee satisfaction.

Everyday our talented, highly-trained health promotion professionals are showing people how to change their lives by changing the way they eat, exercise and manage stress today.

Contact Methodist Wellness Services today to begin your journey to a healthier and more productive you.