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Grand Rounds

Department of Pathology & Genomic Medicine Grand Rounds

2014 Meeting Schedule

(1st Tuesday of every month)

Location: Research Institute Auditorium, R2-306, unless otherwise noted.

Time: 8-9am

Chair: Phil T. Cagle, MD




Proposed Title

(subject to change)

Jan 7

Jae Ro, MD, PhD

“Prognostic Factors of GU Tumors:

Pathologist’s Role in Personalized GU Oncology Practice”




Feb 4

Chair’s Lectureship

Michael Prystowsky, MD, PhD

“Head and Neck Cancer: Research to Improve Patient Care”



No Grand Rounds in March


April 1

Minnie Sarwal, MD, PhD

“Unraveling Transplant Injury and Personalizing Medicine through OMIC Approaches”


May 6

Cindy L. Vnencak-Jones, PhD

“Pharmacogenetics Testing at Vanderbilt, The VERDICT Initiative”




June 3

Maria Merino, MD

“Renal Cell Carcinomas, especial Variants Described at the NIH/NCI”


No Grand Rounds from July to September


Oct 7

Guang-Yu Yang, MD

“Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase: Potential Molecular Targets of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and its Induced Carcinogenesis”




Nov. 4

Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson, MD, PhD

“Flow Cytometric Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prognosis in Plasma Cell Dyscrasia”




Dec. 2

Chen Liu, MD


“Alteration of Genome-wide Epigenotic Regulation in Liver Carcinogenesis”