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Pain Management

Pain Management

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The term “pain management” describes the medical practice devoted to improving quality of life for patients who suffer with chronic pain. While many chronic pain conditions cannot be cured, the pain can often be managed. Pain management can take many forms, with the best outcomes generally seen with a multimodal approach:

  • Holistic approaches such as meditation, massage and others can be helpful.
  • Psychological approaches can help patients deal with frustrating chronic pain and associated anxiety and depression.
  • Medications can help bring the pain to a more tolerable level.
  • Interventions such as nerve blocks or other procedures can help to decrease the overall level of pain depending on the diagnosis.
  • Physical therapy can help improve the patient’s ability to function in spite of ongoing chronic pain, or help to decrease the pain.
  • Surgical approaches including implantable pain control devices may be needed in some cases to control pain that does not respond to the more conservative approaches.

How do acute pain and chronic pain differ?

Acute pain describes pain following an injury or surgery. This type of pain serves a very important role in the body. It can signal your body to avoid putting weight on a broken leg (for example) and the inflammation helps the body’s healing process. Typically, the pain resolves as the healing progresses over several weeks. Chronic pain (ongoing or recurrent pain) serves no useful function in the body. Our goal is to help you manage chronic pain successfully.

How is chronic pain treated?

Treatments vary depending on your exact diagnosis but often include a multidisciplinary approach:

  • Treatment of the pain itself with injections, medications, surgery or related approaches
  • Treatment of the patients’ impaired functioning with rehabilitation approaches to strengthen the patient and try to restore functionality
  • Addressing the patients’ psychological state for depression, anxiety and related conditions that are commonly seen with chronic pain
  • HPA can help custom design a treatment approach for your chronic pain condition

The best treatment approach is designed and implemented by your treating physician and other team members. No one approach works for all patients, and a customized approach will be taken with every patient.