Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine.
Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine


Our Approach

We partner with clients to understand and design health management solutions unique to their strategic priorities and budget.  We apply the art and the science of health promotion, create personalized experiences, utilize multi-modal interventions, prepare our professionals and demonstrate results.

Partner & Collaborate with Clients

What are your strategic priorities? Reduce healthcare costs? Improve health status? Reduce risk?  Increase productivity?   Enhance business performance? Together, we will create a personalized health management solution that delivers results.   

The Art & Science of Wellness

Methodist is committed to leading medicine, including wellness and prevention.  Our goal is to improve the health, well-being and personal effectiveness of every individual we touch.  We combine both the art of delivery with the science of behavior change to tailor interventions based on individuals’ unique circumstances and needs.  We believe in the whole person approach to lifestyle behavior changes.

Our Wellness Professionals

Our dedication to science, research and best practices combined with our experience, culture, training and values prepare passionate, credentialed wellness experts to consistently deliver high-quality wellness programs and services. We treat each person as a unique individual on a personalized path to healthy lifestyle improvements.  

Our Wellness Solutions 

The Methodist Wellness Services portfolio of integrated solutions covers the full spectrum of population health – from wellness, health promotion and prevention, to behavioral health, to health condition management to onsite clinic and wellness program management – all grounded in science and featuring participation and engagement solutions.  We provide mulit-modal wellness solutions including high touch (in-person), telephonic, electronic and online solutions. 

Demonstrate Results

For every health management solution, we define metrics that reflect the client’s goals and objectives.  Metrics include items such as population health improvement, risk reduction, participation, program satisfaction, program completion, program outcomes, engagement, rewards redemption and fulfillment, ROI and many more items to measure our success.  We also have scorecards and dashboards that can be tailored to your strategic priorities.