Patient Stories

From Olympic gymnasts to skateboarding teens, patients of all ages and from all walks of life have found relief from their bone and joint problems thanks to Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Here are just a few of their stories.
Orthopedics patient story of Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks overcame a limb-threatening injury to achieve his Olympic dreams. Click here to read Chris’s story. 

Orthopedics patient story of football player, Jake Burkhalter
Jake Burkhalter

When a torn ACL took varsity football player Jake Burkhalter out of the game, his physicians got him back in action. Click here to read Jake’s story.

Orthopedics patient story of Kenia Hamilton
Kenia Hamilton

Kenia Hamilton, a young mother of two, was concerned about her weight and lack of energy. A new health plan helped her feel better. Click here to read Kenia’s story.

Orthopedics patient story of Briana Mayorga
Briana Mayorga

When Briana Mayorga tore her ACL while playing soccer, she turned to Dr. Moseley to help her get back in the game. Click here to read Briana’s story.

Lee Messer

After a complete arm break that required multiple surgeries, Lee Messer is back to his healthy, active self. Click here to read Lee’s story.

Orthopedics patient story of Chris Brooks
Robynne Parry

Robynne Parry is a marathon runner who turned to another runner, Dr. Rand, for help overcoming an overuse injury. Click here to read Robynne’s story.

Orthopedics patient story of Anthony Randazzo
Anthony Randazzo

Anthony Randazzo was diagnosed with scoliosis and needed help dealing with an increasing amount of lower-back pain. Click here to read Anthony’s story.

Orthopedics patient story of Jennifer Uschold
Jennifer Uschold

Scrub in with Dr. Maffet as he performs arthroscopic meniscus surgery on Jennifer Uschold. Click here to read Jennifer’s story.

Orthopedics patient story of Carole Winn-Scott
Carole Winn-Scott

Diagnosed with scoliosis as a young girl, Carole was tired of the pain and limitations. Click here to read Carole’s story.