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Leaders in bringing Wellness to Companies

When we bring a program into your company, you can be confident it will be exceptional, tested and delivered by experts who understand and appreciate the challenges involved in living a healthy lifestyle. Our wellness professionals are highly-trained, experienced facilitators whose mission is to help individual’s live healthier lives and reach their optimal potential.

When your company is ready to take your employee wellness strategy to the next level, we can insource our professionals into your workplace from one, up to five days a week. Bringing them on-board and into your culture allows for higher engagement in our programs and services which include nutrition, weight management, fitness, stress management, health coaching for specific conditions and tobacco cessation. By partnering with you in this way, we can customize our programs to meet your specific goals. Our onsite management services include the following:

Wellness Coordinators

Let MWS provide a full- or part-time wellness coordinator to assist your company with the development, implementation and evaluation of worksite wellness programs targeted to maximizing your employees’ health and productivity. These programs and services include tobacco cessation, weight management, nutrition, fitness, stress and a variety of health conditions, as well as other topics.

Fitness Center

MWS can provide onsite fitness center management as a particularly effective way to get the most out of your employer-sponsored fitness facility. We have experience knowing what works and what doesn’t. Our onsite fitness programs and services are included to help maximize the fitness, energy levels and performance of your employees.


Allow MWS to place trusted clinical professionals onsite to care for your employees, as we’ve successfully done for many other corporate clients. Routine medical check-ups, treatment for common illnesses, immunizations, travel consultations and many other health services can be readily available on-the-spot. No need for employees to spend extra time leaving work. Our onsite health and wellness clinics are supported by our proven practice management system and electronic health record, thus ensuring integration and quality throughout the healthcare delivery process. Face-to-face interactions are tailored to the unique needs of the individual designed to produce better health outcomes.