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Department of Neurosurgery


InpatientNeurosurgery Residency Program

The Neurosurgery Service has six operating rooms that are in daily use. All craniotomy and major spine surgery patients are admitted to the 16-bed neurosurgical intensive care unit (NICU).

Private sleeping accommodations for the on-call resident are located adjacent to the NICU. The residents’ in-hospital workroom and library is located next to the NICU.  PACS system radiographic images are available online throughout the hospital, including the NICU, ER, and operating rooms. PACS images can also be viewed from outside the hospital via the Internet.


The outpatient facilities are located on the 9th floor of the Scurlock Tower, which is connected via crosswalk to Houston Methodist Hospital. The academic offices and outpatient facilities of the Departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology are adjacent to each other. The neurosurgery clinic is approximately 6,000 square feet. The academic offices are approximately 8,000 square feet and include offices for the faculty and their staff, administrative offices, and a large conference room/library.

EquipmentNeurosurgery Residency Program

Computerized monitoring and charting is available in the intensive care units and on the floors. In addition three-dimensional reconstruction of angiography, image-guided stereotactic surgery, endovascular surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, and neurophysiologic monitoring are used in the care of neurosurgical patients.

Computers and workspace are available to each resident within the academic offices on Scurlock Tower 9. In addition, a library is available with the most useful text and reference books.


ResearchNeurosurgery Residency Program

The Department currently has 3,000 square feet of laboratory space for molecular biology and experimental surgery. The laboratory contains: wet lab space, a fully-equipped experimental animal surgery operating room that can accommodate small and large animals, cell culture facilities including BLT 2 hoods, and facilities for florescent microscopy.

On Call Requirements

Houston Methodist Hospital provides excellent patient care support including Physician Assistants and Neuro-intensivists who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Time on call is therefore appropriately limited to evaluation and treatment of patients. Call is no more than once every fourth night.