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MDA/ALS Clinical Center and Team Hope

Our clinic is the first multidisciplinary care center for patients with ALS in the United States. Many of our TEAM HOPE members have practiced together for over 20 years and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when caring for patients with ALS!

We use a multidisciplinary approach to assist patients with ALS to cope with their disease and apply the latest therapies and proactive symptom management in a positive and caring setting. ALS patients and their families attend the MDA-ALS Clinic, where they are seen by a team of 21 professionals from 11 specialties. Our center is actively involved in both clinical and basic science research. Information is provided regarding available clinical trials and the latest developments in ALS research is updated on our website continually

Patients can be either self –referred or physician-referred. Appointments to the multidisciplinary MDA/ALS Clinic can be made only after one of our MDA/ALS team physicians has confirmed your diagnosis during a visit to Houston Methodist Hospital out-patient work-up unit where you will be seen by all of the MDA/ALS Team Hope members. The cost of the diagnostic work-up will be the responsibility of the patient and/or the insurance carrier, but there is no direct cost to the patient for follow-up visits at the Clinic. Clinic visits are covered by the patient's insurance and/or the Muscular Dystrophy Association.