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Do I Need a Sleep Evaluation?

Do I Need a Sleep Evaluation?

If you haven't had a good night's sleep, you may pay a high price. Reduced energy, greater difficulty concentrating, diminished mood, and a greater risk for accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, are all directly related to sleep problems. Sleep deprivation has measurable negative effects on performance and physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to increased risk of heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, stroke and death.

Studies show that lack of sleep leads to problems completing a task, concentrating, making decisions and unsafe actions. According to a 1997 National Sleep Foundation poll, "Sleeplessness, Pain and the Workplace," sleep loss costs U.S. employers an estimated $18 billion in lost productivity.

  • According to the National Sleep Foundation 40-50% of people rate their quality of sleep at night as fair or poor
  • More than 70 million people in the US have a sleep disorder
  • Most people with sleep disorders do not recognize they have a problem
  • Most common sleep disorders are insomnia and sleep apnea

It doesn't just affect you. Your spouse's physical and mental health can be effected if you have sleep apnea, sleep walking or REM sleep disorders.

Do you think your sleep should be evaluated? If you aren't sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you regularly have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep?
  • Do people tell you that you snore?
  • Has anyone ever told you that you have pauses in breathing or that you gasp for breath when you sleep?
  • Are your legs "active" at night?
  • Do you experience tingling, creeping, itching, pulling, aching or other strange feelings in your legs while sitting or lying down that cause a strong urge to move, walk or kick your legs for relief?
  • Are you so tired when you wake up in the morning that you cannot function normally during the day?
  • Does sleepiness and fatigue persist for more than two to three weeks?

If you suspect you have a sleeping disorder, you can make an appointment with Dr. Aparajitha Verma by calling 713-441-3961.

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then a complete sleep evaluation should be considered and discussed with your physician. If you suspect you have a sleeping disorder, or would like more information please call to the Sleep Disorders Clinic at 713-441-3961.