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About the Sleep Center

About the Sleep Disorders Center

a bedWe are dedicated to giving you a personal and comfortable experience as we help you identify your path to a better night's sleep. Houston Methodist Hospital Sleep Disorders Center is a 10 bed unit located in the Main Tower of Houston Methodist Hospital, 9th floor. We offer a hotel like environment where all rooms and bathrooms are handicap accessible. We have all private rooms. Eight are equipped with queen size beds and 2 private rooms feature hospital beds and special lifts for patients with impaired mobility.

The Center offers a wide spectrum of services for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders:

  • Diagnostic PSG
  • Positive Airway Pressure (Continuous and Bi-level) titrations
  • Split-night studies
  • Assessment of daytime sleepiness (Multiple Sleep Latency test and Maintenance of Wakefulness test)
  • Consultations with Sleep Medicine Specialists
  • Average volume assisted pressure unit or device
  • BiLevel auto servo ventilation

The Sleep Disorders Center conducts personalized comprehensive sleep studies to meet the needs of each patient. Each study includes evaluations for respiratory movements, airflow, O2 saturation, Electrocardiogram, EMG, leg movements, continuous video and audio recordings and EEG activity.

Patients may be referred directly to the Sleep Disorders Center by a physician without a prior visit to the clinic. Patients may also be referred into the Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Program. An appointment with any of our physicians will start planning and evaluation of the patient's sleep concerns.

For Information about the Sleep Disorders Center or to schedule a sleep study, please contact the Sleep Disorders Center at 713-441-7854. If you don't already have a physician, Dr. Aparajitha Verma is available and an appointment can be made by calling 713-441-3961. You can also get a referral order to the Houston Methodist Hospital Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Program and Center from your regular physician.

Houston Methodist Hospital Sleep Disorders Center
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