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During my Study

Overnight Sleep Studies: During my study

Once you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, you will be asked to complete some additional brief paperwork before your study.  Next, you will be “hooked–up” to the polysomnographic equipment in preparation for your study.  In many cases, this process takes more than 1 hour.

When the technologist completes your preparation, your study will begin with “lights out”.  Once you have been informed of “lights out”, you will not be permitted to read, watch TV, eat, talk on the phone, or perform any other activity that may interfere with your sleep.  Restroom visits are, of course, permitted.

You will be monitored for approximately 8 hours and then awakened by the technologist in the morning.  Because the Sleep Disorders Center closes in the morning, you will be expected to leave the unit one hour after your test has concluded.  The purpose of this hour is to allow you to make any personal hygiene preparation for the day (shower, shave, dress, etc.).  Please bring your own toiletries. Towels are furnished.

Please let us know if you need a family member to stay with you.  Family members are allowed to stay with the patient in the sleep study room only with prior approval from the Sleep Disorders Center staff and only for a clear medical reason.  They will not be allowed to sleep in the same bed with the patient.


Last Modified: September 4, 2008