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After my Study

Overnight Sleep Studies: After my study

After your study is complete it is interpreted by a Board Certified sleep physician and the final report is sent to your referring physician for you to follow up.  If you receive a diagnosis for a sleep related breathing disorder a suggestion for a second night study would most likely be recommended for treatment.  Treatment consists of continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP.  CPAP is pressurized room air that acts as a “splint” to keep the airway open. If CPAP therapy is recommended our center will help guide you through this process by choosing a durable medical equipment company (DME) that best suits you. We have many DME companies that work with our patients and provide excellent care for you and excellent feedback to our center about your process.  We make sure our patients needs are fully addressed.

Can you tell me more about Durable Medical Equipment and the mask I may have to use?

Should you need the use of a mask for you treatment, there are several masks to choose from and you it’s important to find what works best for you. We will show you some of the styles available while you are in the lab.  Try several masks when you receive your CPAP therapy equipment to find the right one.  Patients report great success if they find a mask that works best for them so that they keep using it.

If your mask isn’t meeting your needs there is a 30 day period, from the date you initially received your equipment,  to exchange masks at no charge to you or your insurance company.

I am having trouble with My Durable Medical Equipment, can you help?

Yes!  We will help you and your DME Company work together to try and address your concerns.  If you have worked with your DME company and are still having trouble, we can help.   Houston Methodist Hospital’s Sleep Disorder Center patients are welcome to schedule time with a knowledgeable registered sleep technician at the Sleep Center to resolve possible equipment issues such as poor mask fit, compliance problems, and other issues with your CPAP.  Just call 713-441-7854 for an appointment