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Overnight Sleep Studies

Overnight Sleep Studies

What is a Sleep Study?

A Polysomnogram, also known as a sleep study, is a recording of biological activity during sleep.  These measurements are used to identify different sleep disorders.  The instrument used to record these measurements is called a polysomnography.  In order to properly study your sleep, we will measure brainwave activity, eye movement, breathing effort, breathing airflow, heart rate and rhythm, body position, and the oxygen level in your blood.  In addition, we will measure the muscle activity in your chin and your limbs.  All measurement is non-invasive which means that we do not use needles or break the skin.  The procedure is not painful or uncomfortable. 

There is a good possibility you will be required to have two sleep studies.  The first study is performed to determine the degree of the sleep disorder while the second study is to determine the optimal titration pressure needed to treat the sleep disorder.   Consequently, there is very little risk involved in performing the study.  We will also make a video record of your sleep for the entire night.  The sleep technologist that performs your study will be able to tell you more about the measurements that are used in a sleep study.  Please feel free to ask your technologist about anything related to your sleep study.  Your technologist will not be able to discuss results with you after your study, please direct all questions regarding study results to your physician.

During each study, technologists track data from state of the art computer based recording systems.  Reports are available to the patient’s physicians very soon after completion of the studies.  All medical staff involved in study supervision and interpretation of sleep studies are board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Overnight Sleep Studies: