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Department of Neurology

Pioneering the Future

Our mission is to pioneer the future by translating advances in basic science research into meaningful therapies for diseases of the nervous system. Concurrently, the mission provides an environment in which students can learn the medical and research skills necessary to develop into preeminent physicians and scientists of tomorrow.

The past several years have witnessed a dramatic explosion of new knowledge in biochemical, physiological, pharmacological and molecular approaches to the nervous system. These advances have been translated into new avenues of diagnosing human neurological disease, new methods for treating previously untreatable diseases, and new insights into effective treatment of stroke, dementia, epilepsy, parkinsonism, speech motor control, ALS and neuromuscular diseases.

Further advances depend upon continuing basic research and intensive educational activities and their successful integration with patient care. Achievement of the highest standards of clinical care based upon the latest basic and translational research is the primary goal of the Department of Neurology.