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MAX Sports & Fitness 03/26/2014 10 Resons to Get More Sleep PDF
Dr. Aparajitha Verma provided medical expert comments for a sleep article in Max Sports & Fitness magazine.  


MedPage Today 03/25/2014 Low Back Pain Afflicts Millions Around the World
Dr. Richard Simpson provided medical expert comments for an article on some recent studies focused on chronic lower back pain.


Houston Chronicle 03/21/2014 Philanthropy keeps wheels of research turning PDF
Dr. Baskin and Mrs. Donna Peak participated in an article about research philanthropy in the Texas Medical Center.


WebMed 03/12/2014 Even Slightly Higher BP May Raise Stroke Risk PDF
Dr. Volpi provided medical expert comment on a study suggesting that even slightly elevated blood pressure levels raise the odds of suffering a stroke.  


Alzheimer's Net 03/11/2014 Leading the Fight: Nantz National Alzheimer Center PDF
A blog article featuring Nantz National Alzheimer Center and Rebecca Axline. 


MyFox Houston 03/06/2014 Houston we gotta calm down for your heart's sake PDF
Dr. Thomas talked about how angry outbursts might trigger heart attack or stroke within two hours of the event.


TMC 03/03/2014 Sleep Disorder Centers Provide Treatment for Insomnia PDF
Article about the HM Sleep Center. Dr. Verma and one of her patients participated in this story. 


HemOnc 02/18/2014 Chemotherapy plus radiation therapy prolonged OS in low-grade glioma PDF
Dr. Pamela New provided physician perspectives for recently published studies on brain cancer.  


HealthDay 02/14/2014 Many Stroke Survivors Resume Driving Without Testing: Survey PDF
Dr. Volpi provided medical expert comment on a survey that focused on stroke survivors that resume driving without testing.


abc Ch13 01/21/14 New technology revolutionizing brain scans Play Video
Dr. Britz on an awake craniotomy case that incorporated a variety of technological advances, including a 3D printing of the patient’s brain.


Houstonia magazine 01/2014 What Makes a Successful Athlete Retire at the Age of 21? PDF
Increasing awareness of health risks deals another blow to kids and sports.


Houston Chronicle 12/29/2013 Newhope for Alzheimer’s patients PDF


KUHF’s Houston Matters 12/18/2013 Dealing with Alzheimer’s Around the Holidays Listen


WebMD 12/11/2013 Even Mild Hits to the Head Might Harm the Brain, Study Finds PDF
Athletes who weren't diagnosed with concussions still showed thinking deficits after a season of hits


abc Ch 13 11/20/2013 Houston Methodist Brain Path Play video
Dr. Britz and his patient on a minimally-invasive brain surgery


HealthDay 11/20/2013 Concussion's Damage to Brain Lingers After Symptoms Fade: Study
Special scans found differences in gray matter when compared to those without head injuries


Ch.13/KTRK-TV 11/22/2013 Doctor recalls trying to save JFK Play Video

Houston Chronicle The JFK assassination: 50 years later PDF


Web MD 11/20/2013 Concussion's Damage to Brain May Linger PDF
Special scans found differences in gray matter when compared to those without head injuries  


KPRC-TV -Ch. 2 11/11/2013 Procedure offers shot of relief for migraine sufferers Play Video


Fox26 11/18/2013 Concussion Concerns Play Video


Houston Methodist hires international neuroimaging expert to lead Alzheimer’s center
Houston, TX - 11/13/2013 Dr. Joseph C. Masdeu joins as director of the Nantz National Alzheimer Center
Joseph C. Masdeu, M.D., Ph.D., the first physician-scientist to detect an early imaging feature of Alzheimer’s disease, joins Houston Methodist Hospital as director of the Nantz National Alzheimer Center. He starts Dec. 30. Masdeu brings more than 30 years of experience as a clinician, researcher and leader in Alzheimer’s and neuroimaging, having led neurology departments in New York and his native Spain. He comes from the National Institutes of Health, where he served the past six years as a senior staff physician and scientist in the Section of Integrative Neuroimaging of the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch. More


Health Day 11/13/2013 Time of Month May Affect Women's Concussion Recovery PDF


Brain tumor removal through a hole smaller than a dime
Houston, TX - 11/4/2013 More than two decades ago, Ryan Vincent had open brain surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay and weeks of recovery at home. Recently, neurosurgeons at Houston Methodist Hospital, through a minimally invasive brain tumor removal procedure, removed a different lesion from Vincent’s brain through a tube inserted into a hole smaller than a dime and he went home the next day. More | Play Video


Houston Chronicle 11/7//2013 Mini-stroke awarning for Texans coach
Texans coach Gary Kubiak appears to be recovering nicely from the mini-stroke he suffered at Sunday night’s nationally televised game, but doctors this week warned that, like all such survivors, he remains at serious risk for a fullblown stroke. PDF

Finding joy during the holidays
Caregiver Tips for dealing with memory changes

Houston, TX - 10/30/13 For families living with Alzheimer’s, finding joy during the holidays can be challenging. By managing expectations and planning early, holidays can still be happy and memorable for every family. More


New ALS drug headed for phase II trial at Methodist
Houston, TX - 10/25/2013 Houston Methodist Neurological Institute researchers will soon begin phase IIa clinical trials of TDI-132, a drug that in animal models has shown promise in reducing the inflammation associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease. The purpose of the phase IIa trial is to determine the safety and tolerability of TDI-132 in ALS patients. Individuals in the research group will receive .5 mg of TDI-132 each day for four weeks. More


The Dana Foundation 10/28/13 A Window into Alzheimer’s PDF


Neurology Today 10/17/13 The Concussion Crisis - A ‘Frontline' Documentary: What Did the NFL Know and When and What Could Neurology Have Done? PDF


Fox 26 News (KRIV-TV) 10/10/13 New clot retrieval system


Ch. 13 (KTRK-TV) 10/07/13 Brain cancer patient credits electrical cap for progress


Houston Matters 10/8/2013 - Concussions and Youth Sports Listen


PBS NewsHour Weekend 10/07/13 Student Athletes and Brain Injuries Play Video


Role of neuroimaging in dementia major focus of international symposium
Houston, TX - 10/1/13 Nantz National Alzheimer Center hosts third annual conference People predisposed to Alzheimer disease have excessive amounts of a protein called beta amyloid in their brains. This protein can be detected by a neuroimaging technique called brain PET. Houston Methodist Hospital’s Nantz National Alzheimer Center will focus on the role of neuroimaging in diagnosing different types of dementia during its Third Annual International Alzheimer Symposium on Oct. 16. More


TMC News 10/01/13 Neuroimaging Key to Early Detection of Alzheimer’s PDF
Alzheimer disease is on the rise, but researchers hope recent advances in early detection will shift those numbers into reverse.


TMC News Accolades 10/01/13 Richard Klucznik, M.D., a neuroradiologist with Houston Methodist Hospital, has been named secretary of the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery. In this position, Klucznik will promote the society’s initiatives to resource, train and support veteran and new practitioners in this area of medicine, which uses minimally invasive procedures to treat neurovascular conditions such as stroke, aneurysms, carotid stenosis and spinal abnormalities.


Houston Chronical 9/29/13 New treatment facility named PDF
Brain and pituitary tumor patients soon will have access to state-of-the-art treatment and care, all thanks toamultimillion-dollar gift byaHouston oil executive and his wife.


KPRC-TV, Ch. 2 Surgery to reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms performed in Houston PDF
Glen Walber went to Houston Methodist Hospital looking for hope and relief from tremors caused by Parkinson's disease that kept him from sleeping and playing his beloved tennis.


Houston Business Journal 09/26/13 Sleep deprived? sleepy employees cost their companies millions of dollars each year. Find out what to do about it.


DailyRx 09/18/13 Considering Alzheimer's Care PDF


KUHF 09/17/13 What Does The NFL Concussion Protocol Mean For Andre Johnson? PDF


Hstn Chron 09/16/13 Johnson faces detailed process under NFL concussion protocol PDF


TMC News 9/23/13 America is Suffering a Sleep Deprivation Epidemic PDF


Chronicle society column 9/12/13 - 4th annual Knuckle Ball: Pitch for Life PDF


Fox26News 9/16/13 NFL's concussion settlement exceeds three quarters of a billion dollars PDF


Autism four times likelier when mother's thyroid is weakened

Houston, TX - 8/13/2013 - Pregnant women who don't make nearly enough thyroid hormone are nearly 4 times likelier to produce autistic children than healthy women, report scientists from the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute and Erasmus Medical Centre in an upcoming Annals of Neurology.

The association emerged from a study of more than 4,000 Dutch mothers and their children, and it supports a growing view that autism spectrum disorders can be caused by a lack of maternal thyroid hormone, which past studies have shown is crucial to the migration of fetal brain cells during embryo development. More


HealthDay 08/2113 - Brain-Damaged Athletes May Show Mood or Thinking Impairments First Study adds to understanding of chronic traumatic encephalopathy PDF


KTRK-TV, Ch. 13 08/09/13 NFL safety rules trickle down to keep young athletes safer


Dance Magazine 8/1/13 Dream On - New sleep studies show how much diffeence enough rest can make. PDF


Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation 07/19/13 Riluzole Shows Promise of Improving Motor Function - Effective in patients with acute traumatic spinal cord injury when treatment is started within 12 hours of injury. PDF


dailyRx’s - 7/22/13 To Screen for Dementia or Not
Dementia screening tests might not help general population fare any better after expense.
Routine screening for certain diseases comes with aging. But among the general population, pricey screening tests for dementia may not provide any real benefit for seniors who are not at risk. PDF


Houston Chronicle - 7/22/13 Concussions in women finally getting attention

Christina Kurt will watch this fall as a group of young girls run drills, do lay-ups and attempt 3-point shots, all determined to make the varsity basketball team at John Paul II Catholic School in west Houston. It's around that time Kurt, the school's new head coach and a 22-year-old college student, will show them an area on the back of her head, a few inches above the nape of her neck, that she calls her "glory spot." A former college basketball player, Kurt has taken at least four serious blows to that spot. Each time, she suffered a concussion. However, her fiercely competitive spirit led her to initially ignore the effects of the injuries. She once finished a game dizzy with blurred vision in her left eye. PDF


Dr. Robert G. Grossman receives distinguished service award

Houston, TX - 7/1/2013 - Dr. Robert G. Grossman, Professor of Neurosurgery at the Methodist Neurological Institute, Houston, is the recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Service Award of The Society of University Neurosurgeons for his decades of service as a clinician, teacher and researcher.

Throughout his 50 years as a neurosurgeon, Grossman has devoted himself not only to his patients, but to the medical education of physicians and for improving the treatment of head and spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and epilepsy. He is the principal investigator for the North American Clinical Trials Network, a network of hospitals in the United States and Canada focused on bringing new treatments for spinal cord injury into clinical practice, sponsored by The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. More

HealthDay - 06/26/13 Brain Injury May Raise Stroke Risk


HealthDay - 06/25/13 Teen Drinkers, Pot Smokers at Raised Risk of Concussion, Study Says


Nearly $700,000 to UH and Houston Methodist will help develop brain machine interface technology

Houston, TX - 6/21/2013 - The Cullen Foundation and The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research are now supporting a brain-machine interface project that University of Houston and Houston Methodist Research Institute scientists hope will someday help quadriplegics walk. More


HealthDay - 06/18/13 Concussion Damage Looks Much Like Early Alzheimer's: Study


Department of Defense awards $2 million to spinal cord injury research

Houston, TX - 5/28/2013 - The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is pleased to announce a $2 million grant from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) to further support the expansion of translational research to find treatments for individuals living with spinal cord injury, including servicemen and women.

The DOD awarded the two-year, peer-reviewed grant to the Reeve Foundation’s North American Clinical Trials Network (NACTN), a consortium of university hospital neurosurgical and neurorehabilitation teams to bring promising therapies into clinical trials. Led by Dr. Robert G. Grossman, professor of neurosurgery at the Neurological Institute at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, NACTN gathers and documents patient medical information in a data registry to better understand the body’s natural course of recovery after injury; uses standardized patient assessment protocols and develops new ones; and conducts new trials of therapy for spinal cord injury.  NACTN recently concluded a Phase 1 safety study of the drug Riluzole. NACTN’s research was featured prominently in a recent Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine supplement that provided unique insights into the development of translational research for the treatment of patients with spinal cord injury. More


Multi-million dollar gift establishes brain tumor center at Houston Methodist

Houston, TX - 4/23/2013 - Brain and pituitary tumor patients will soon have access to a state-of-the-art facility at Houston Methodist Hospital, a result of a $10 million dollar commitment from a Houston oil executive.

The Kenneth R. Peak Brain & Pituitary Tumor Treatment Center will offer personalized neurosurgical and cancer treatment options, and give patients access to novel research studies not available elsewhere. Investigational therapies will include immunotherapy; nanosyringes for drug delivery; mitochondrial “smart bombs” (selective mitochondrial chemotherapy); stem cells; gene therapy; genomic, proteonomic and DNA profiling, and high throughput screening of each person’s tumor to every known drug available for treatment. For example, the nanosyringe program will utilize technology that injects chemotherapy selectively into each tumor cell, sparing normal cells. Researchers believe this technique will limit toxicity and increase effectiveness. More


Tampa Tribune 05/19/13- The Sleep Industry Won't Stay


Ch. 2 (KPRC-TV) Houston - (May 16, 2013) - New standards to improve Little League baseball helmets
Keeping your children safe on the baseball field is about to get easier thanks to new standards for helmets. Equipment company Rawlings is rolling out an improved helmet rating system designed to better protect players from head injuries. Since the 80s, batter's helmets were required to withstand hits from 68 miles per hour balls. But Rawlings is upping those standards. Experts say some young boys can pitch up to 50 miles per hour. That's a lot of force on the developing brain.. More


HealthDay 04/29/13 - Sex Lives Often an Overlooked Casualty of Traumatic Brain Injury


HealthDay 04/29/13 - Paralyzed Patient Moves Prosthetic Arm With Her Mind


Dr. Gavin W. Britz to take top neurosurgery post at Houston Methodist Hospital

Leader in neurosurgical treatment of cerebrovascular system and skull base named chairman of neurosurgery; co-director of the Methodist Neurological Institute

HOUSTON—(Jan. 31, 2013) Dr. Gavin W. Britz to Take Top Neurosurgery Post at the Houston Methodist Hospital Dr. Gavin W. Britz, former director of the Cerebrovascular Center at Duke University Medical Center, has been named chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston. He replaces Dr. Robert G. Grossman, MD, FAANS(L), who had been chief of the neurosurgery service at Houston Methodist Hospital since 1980 and chairman of the department of neurosurgery since 2005. “Dr. Britz will carry on Dr. Grossman’s legacy and will build on his vision to grow Houston Methodist’s neurosurgical services and research efforts,” says Marc Boom, MD, president and CEO of Houston Methodist. “With his clinical expertise and leadership talents, I know Dr. Britz will guide the department to become the nation’s leader in neurosurgery.” More


01/22/13 - Recently named Muscular Dystrophy Association President and CEO Steven M. Derks poses with Stanley H. Appel, M.D., during a recent visit to the MDA/ALS Center at Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston. Appel, a member of MDA’s board of directors, is the director of the ALS Center at the Methodist Neurological Institute. MDA operates 200 clinics across the county, 42 of which are designated as ALS-specific research and care centers. Over the years, MDA has led the fight against ALS, investing more than $307 million in its ALS research, services and information programs.

HealthDay 1/10/2013 - NFL's Seau Had Brain Trauma at Time of Suicide, Report Finds - Not the first pro football player with chronic traumatic encephalopathy to kill himself, neurologist notes PDF


01/09/13 Houston Chronicle-Nantz thanks donors

En route to Foxboro, Mass., where he will call the Texans-Patriots playoff game Sunday, CBS Sports announcer and University of Houston alumnus Jim Nantz stopped off Wednesday at Houston Methodist Hospital for lunch with family and friends, including former first lady Barbara Bush, and to thank donors to the Nantz National Alzheimer Center at Houston Methodist. PDF


HealthDay 01/02/13- Second Hit Leaves Young Football Player in Wheelchair - Case study highlights dangers of 'second impact syndrome - Dr Kenn Podell provided expert comment PDF