Science Day

The Research Institute hosted NanoDay 2015 on Saturday April 25 with an exciting national science festival about nanotechnology. This festive day of hand-on activities and games included kid-friendly snacks, music, and prizes. 

We'd like to give a special Thank You to the Nanoday Chairs, Cynthia Kostas and Paula Walter!

Watch videos from our previous NanoDays as kids explored the tiny secrets of thin films, nanogold, gummy capsules and hydrogels at our science stations:

NanoDay 2015 (video coming soon!)

Nanoscience Videos and Games

The kids also solved medical mysteries in our Cyber Cafe with MedMyst, designed and sponsored by the Rice Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning.

Mission Nano game

Play Mission Nano, a nanotechnology learning game. Supported by an award from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, and supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers 0532536 and 0940143.

How small is nano? Watch and learn!

See how nanohairs on gecko feet help them stick to things on PBS Kids DragonFly TV.

Explore materials that will shape our future on NOVA: Making Stuff.

Zoom into the natural nanostructures that manipulate light on a Blue Morpho Butterfly! Starting with a normal digital camera, we zoom into the wing of the Blue Morpho using more powerful microscopes. We see the wing underneath an optical microscope, and finally, a scanning electron microscope. You'll see the 200 nanometer structures that produce the beautiful blue iridescent color of the Blue Morpho.