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Varian Clinac iX

The Clinac® iX is an innovative platform for today and a solid foundation for the future. A simple, reliable platform that will help you provide patients with today's most advanced treatments.


New clinical capabilities

  • Cone-beam CT based imaging and repositioning
  • High-dose-rate stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy
  • Low-dose-rate therapy
  • Respiration-synchronized image acquisition

Exact alignment

  • Tight isocenter alignment of gantry, couch, collimator, and imagers
  • Reproducible, stable, and accurate positioning

Automated imaging

  • Automated image acquisition
  • Reproducible online image matching
  • Remote control of imager position

Exact Couch

  • Improved positional accuracy
  • Remote control of patient position

Compact stand

  • At-a-glance system monitoring
  • Easy upgrades

Efficient command center

  • Fewer controls to manage
  • Designed to follow your workflow
  • Ergonomically designed for therapist comfort
  • Packaged for easy installation