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Partial Breast Irradiation

Partial Breast Irradiation (Mammosite)

MammositePartial Breast irradiation, sometimes referred to as “Mammosite”, is a minimally invasive method of delivering radiation therapy to breast cancer patients who have recently undergone a lumpectomy.  After the surgical lumpectomy is completed, a small balloon-like catheter is inserted into the lumpectomy cavity. This catheter will remain in place during radiation planning and for the duration of the 5-day treatment course.  During the actual treatment process, the catheter is attached to a high-dose rate machine which delivers radiation directly to the catheter to incorporate the tumor site and the area immediately surrounding the cavity. The patient will undergo this treatment twice a day for five days. At the end of the treatment course, the balloon is deflated and permanently removed. Partial Breast irradiation is becoming a suitable and convenient option for those patients that may need to travel or continue working during therapy due to the reduction in overall treatment time.