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For Referring Physicians

Referral Requirements

Thank you for your referral to the Radiation Oncology department.

We have two facilities within the Texas Medical Center that offer a comprehensive range of both external and internal radiation services for both adult and pediatric referrals.   As technology is specialized and unique in each of these facilities, our physician staff will first consult with your patient and then determine which technology/location would provide the best clinical benefit to your referral.   Upon referral our schedulers will request specific medical records based on the referral and help to guide the referral to the correct location and facilitate a productive consultation.  

We appreciate the opportunity to consult and collaborate in the overall care of your patient. 

Contact Information

  • 713-790-3333
Consultation Hours
  • Monday-Friday

The Radiation Oncology department is committed to upholding a maintaining open patient referral communication. We strive for fast patient turnaround. Rest assured that your patients will be treated with respect and dignity.