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"Someone Came to Help Me," was written and recorded by orange is in to help raise awareness for organ donation, and specifically, for the Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center. This song was inspired by the stories of the doctors, care givers, patients, donors and their families.

What is an organ/tissue donor?

An organ/tissue donor is anyone who is willing to donate organs or tissues to help extend or improve someone's life. Organs which can be donated include: kidneys, heart, liver, lung, pancreas, small bowel and intestines. Tissues which can be donated include: bone, skin, heart valves, blood vessels, whole eyes and corneas. Eighteen people die every day waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

Who Can Become an Organ and Tissue Donor?

Anyone who makes his wishes known to his family can become an organ and tissue donor. Advanced age or a history of disease does not necessarily mean that someone cannot donate. Each donor is evaluated individually for medical suitability at the time of death. Organs and tissues that cannot be used for transplantation can often be used to help scientists find cures for chronic illnesses and serious diseases.

Share Your Life and Decision

Today there is a critical shortage of organs and tissue needed for transplants. Nearly 100,000 Americans are waiting for organ transplants while one million more need tissue transplants. Tragically, many die each year because the organs or tissue they need are not available. You can help save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor.

Thanking Your Donor

Thank You For Life

Many patients after transplant wish to reach out to the families of their organ donors. Find out more below about getting in touch with your donor family.

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Unless you are registered your organs and tissue can only be donated if your closest relative gives consent at the time of your death - Texas is a first consent state, so you can relieve your family of being faced with this decision in a tragic time. Register today www.donatelifetexas.org. It's important that you make your family a part of your decision.

Tell them about organ and tissue donation and why you feel good about deciding to become a donor. Explain to your family the difference that one person can make. Sharing your decision with your family ahead of time will make it easier for them to carry out your wishes later.

Many patients after transplant wish to reach out to the families of their organ donors. Find out more below about getting in touch with your donor family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What organs and tissue can I donate?

Organs you can donate include heart, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, liver and intestines. Tissue that can be donated include eye, skin, bone, heart valves and tendons.

Will my decision to become a donor affect the quality of my medical care?

No. Organ and tissue recovery happens only after every effort has been made to save your life and death has been legally declared.

Will donation disfigure my body? Can there be an open casket funeral?

Donation neither disfigures the body nor changes the way it looks in a casket.

Are there any costs to my family for donation?

Donation costs nothing to the donor's family or estate.

What will happen to my donated organs?

A national system is in place to distribute organs fairly. Buying and selling organs is illegal.

A Message from Michael Jordan

Each year, thousands of people die while waiting for the organ or tissue transplants needed to save their lives. Every 18 minutes, another name is added to the list of Americans waiting for life-saving transplants.

Many of these lives could be saved if more people became organ and tissue donors. That's why I'm doing my part to help in this important effort.

Now it's your turn. As a donor, you could save or improve the quality of life for more than 50 others who suffer from organ failure, bone defects, burns or blindness. Please make the decision to become an organ and tissue donor. It's the right thing to do.

Make sure you discuss your decision with your family so that they know and will honor your wishes.

Remember: Share your life. Share your decision.

Michael Jordan

How do I Become an Organ Donor?

  • Register on-line at the secure DonateLifeTexas.org Web site in English and/or Spanish or call the Texas Department of State Health Services toll-free at 1.800.222.3986.
  • Fill out the online registration form.
  • A confirmation letter requiring your signature and that of two witnesses will be mailed to you within 10 business days.
  • Sign and send the letter back in the postage-paid envelope provided.
  • Tell your family members about your decision to donate.
  • Keep the card with you at all times where it can be easily found

Remember, even if you've signed something, you must tell your family so they can act on your wishes