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Curriculum Framework

Clinical Practicum:

Supervised, non-mentored, direct clinical patient care to allow resident to integrate knowledge gained from all content areas, including foundations, and to gain experience in the management of sports and orthopedic related injuries.

Clinical Mentoring:

1-on-1 mentoring of a patient with an Sports Certified Specialists and Fellowship Trained Manual Therapist to advance the resident's skill in evaluation and treatment of sports and orthopedic related injuries, including examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and return to activity.

Research & Investigation:

Directed research on specific sports related conditions that will expose the resident to the most current evidence based approaches in evaluation and treatment of these specific injuries. Residents will develop and present case studies on specific patients and conditions, and participate in journal reviews and general faculty and resident discussions.

Specialty Observation:

Residents will spend clinic hours with sports medicine surgeons and other specialists that influence sports and orthopedic care to develop an understanding of current surgical and medical interventions and the rehabilitation implications.

Sports Specific Training:

Residents will participate in athletic venue coverage with local high schools, colleges, and professional teams under the supervision of athletic trainers and Sports Certified therapists to develop and improve their skills in the emergency management of athletes.


Weekly faculty lectures on anatomy, sports movement biomechanics, examination process, differential diagnosis, medical and clinical intervention, prevention strategies, return to activity, and sports performance of region sports and orthopedic conditions.


Weekly participation in non-patient mentoring activities to increase the residents' knowledge and motor skills in manual examination and intervention, as well as progressive exercise prescription for sports and orthopedic related injuries.


Core Modules



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13 Weeks


13 Weeks


13 Weeks