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Patient Information

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We believe that support from family and loved ones is crucial to healing and plays a vital role in the recovery of the patient. The ICU has open visitation meaning that someone may be with the patient 24/7. Short visits are preferred so that our patients can continue to rest and recover. One family member may stay overnight.

To make visitors more comfortable, we offer:

  • Flexible visitation hours
  • Large, comfortable waiting area with televisions and computers
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A café (located on the first floor of the hospital)
  • Starbucks (located on the second floor of the hosital)
  • A Chapel (located in the Main Hospital and Sweetwater Pavilion)
  • A Muslim Prayer Room (located on the first floor of the Sweetwater Building)

Hand Washing:

The most important way to protect your loved one is to use the hand gel going into the room and leaving the room. Please don't visit if you are sick or have been sick recently.

Child Visitation:

Child visitation is a decision that the parents must make. Each child must be assessed prior to visiting the patient. Children must wash their hands entering and leaving the patient's room. Parents are responsible for the behavior of the child. They must be quiet and stay in the patient's room rather than in the hallway.

Food, Drink and Flowers

Please do not bring food, drinks or flowers into the ICU. Balloons and get well cards are best for the patient as well as short visits.

Please download the Patient and Visitor Guide to learn more about Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s visitor guidelines, visitation hours and other useful information.

If you have any questions, please call 281-274-7000.