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Laser Spider Vein Treatments

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Laser Spider Vein Treatments

Do you feel self conscious from having spider veins? Have you ever found yourself selecting clothes or heavy makeup in order to cover up your nose, face, legs or skin? Then perhaps you should consider laser vein treatments.

What are spider veins? Spider veins are small veins that are near the surface of the skin. Typically, they are very small - less than 1 millimeter in diameter. They may be red or blue-ish in color. Most commonly, they are present on the face or legs, however, they could also show on other parts of the body. They do not cause any raising of the skin and there are no bumps, which differentiates spider veins from varicose veins. In addition, spider veins do not impede blood flow, due to their superficial nature. Spider veins do not pose any health risk, but are a cosmetic nuisance.

During spider vein removal treatments, light energy from the laser penetrates below the surface of the skin and is absorbed by these small blood vessels (spider veins). The heat caused by the absorption of the laser energy causes the sides of the spider veins to collapse together, closing off the blood flow and eliminating the superficial spider veins.

During spider vein removal treatments, there is a hot snapping sensation that will cause some mild discomfort. Treatments normally last between fifteen and forty five minutes. There is no "down time" associated with spider vein removal procedures, but there may be some "cat scratch" mild bruising of the skin that occurs during the healing process.


15 Minutes $200


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