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Laser Skin Treatments

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Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Removal of Pigmented Lesions

Men and women may have freckles, aging spots, liver spots, brown birthmarks or other superficial pigmented lesions on various parts of the body including the chest, arms, hands and face. Some of these spots are present at birth, but others occur with age or with overexposure to the sun. With today's outdoor lifestyle, sun-damaged skin is very common. These pigmented lesions can be lightened or even removed with laser treatments. Most can be lightened or removed within 1 – 2 treatments scheduled about three (3) weeks apart.  Pigmented lesion treatment with the Cynosure Elite has minimal post treatment care allowing patients to return to normal activities right away.

Please note: suspicious pigmented lesions should not be treated until a dermatologist has looked at it.


Laser Removal of Pigmented Lesions (15 Min) $200.00


Laser Facial Skin Treatments

Men and women who have environmental skin damage (like sun exposure), Rosacea-like redness, a ruddy complexion, discrete telangiectasia, uneven pigmentation or an uneven skin texture can benefit from laser facial treatments. This treatment provides the most benefit to those with mild to moderate sun-damaged skin and is only recommended for patients with skin types I through IV. To achieve optimal benefits, 4 – 6 treatments may be necessary at 3 – 4 week intervals.

This non-ablative facial treatment with the Cynosure Elite laser has minimal post treatment care requirements. For best results, patients should avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, tanning creams and sunless tanning lotions for one week prior to treatment and throughout the course of their treatments. Immediately following treatment, the area may appear flushed and warm, but there should be no bruising. The redness should fade over the course of a few hours and should not be enough to interfere with daily activities. Patients may return to normal activities after the treatment.


Laser Facial Skin Treatment (30 Min) $200.00


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