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Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology


Chemotherapy is a general term for the use of medications to treat cancer.
The Cancer Care Team at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital offers a complete
spectrum of chemotherapy medications, including those delivered in a pill
form, intravenously and also those delivered directly through the spinal fluid.

Some chemotherapy medications have troublesome side effects however; your Cancer Care Team will help manage those side effects for you.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is most commonly used to help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence after surgery. It can also be used to treat cancer that has returned after treatment or for cancer that has spread. Most breast cancers are sensitive to the hormone estrogen (ER- positive cancers) and the hormone progesterone (PR-positive cancers). Blocking the effect of estrogen or lowering estrogen levels can be used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancers.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy uses drugs that have the ability to target certain genetic changes in cells that cause cancer. Most often, targeted therapy is used in
treatment alongside chemotherapy and typically administered in your
oncologist's office.