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Stereotactic Radiosurgery

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Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery is a type of cancer treatment offered only by specialty trained physicians. Dr. Clive Shkedy, Radiation Oncologist and the Medical Director of Methodist Sugar Land Cancer, is one of the few physicians in our area with the ability to treat patients with Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

This specialized technology is not a surgery but sends a single, high dose of radiation focusing on a specific area where the tumors exist. Stereotactic radiosurgery, just like radiation therapy, will essentially break apart the tumor cell DNA to prevent it from duplicating and metastasizing. The goal of the procedure is to shrink and destroy tumors in places that are nearly impossible to reach with surgery alone, such as brain tumors, blood vessel abnormalities, lung cancers and liver cancers.

Stereotactic radiosurgery is generally completed in just one session. Two forms of stereotactic radiosurgery are typically used:

  • The Gamma Knife is a stationary machine used to treat smaller tumors as well as problems with blood vessels. This technology will deliver highly localized beams of radiation to the tumor site.
  • Movable linear accelerator-based machine is mainly used to treat larger tumors. This method is used over the course of several weeks given in small doses at the tumor site. Tumors treated with the accelerator-based machine will receive a higher dose of radiation than tumors treated with only the Gamma Knife.