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Maria Socci, Breast Care Navigator

Maria Socci, RN

Hi, I am Maria Socci, your Breast Care Navigator at the Breast Center at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital.

What does a Breast Care Navigator do?
The simple answer is I do whatever I can to reduce your stress and provide emotional support and guidance throughout your journey to survivorship — so that you can focus on healing.

In other words, I’ll be your “care partner” throughout your treatment — holding your hand, providing words of encouragement, taking care of details and answering questions. I’m the person you can turn to when you need assistance, advocacy or even just someone to listen.

My job is to help you:

  • Understand the continuum of care. This generally begins with discussions of your exam findings and your different procedure options.
  • Make appropriate decisions by ensuring that you are educated and fully understand each of your options.
  • Feel empowered in your care through participation in support groups such as our Houston Methodist Sugar Land Breast Cancer Support Group, CanCare, American Cancer Society and others.

In addition, I can facilitate your various appointments with the Breast Care Team, as well as coordinate other health appointment needs that may arise during your care. And I’ll attend the weekly patient care review sessions in which our multidisciplinary breast care team discusses your personalized treatment plan, so that I know exactly how your care is proceeding and what steps may be next.

You don’t have to go through treatment feeling alone or uncertain. I can help … call me any time!

Phone: 281-276-8989
Email: MSocci@houstonmethodist.org