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Bone Densitometry

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Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

What is a bone densitometry test?

Bone densitometry is a radiological test that is used to diagnose osteoporosis by measuring bone loss. The DEXA machine compares the patient's bone density to what the density should be, based on his or her age, sex and other factors. Density is the amount of calcium found in the bone. The higher the density, the stronger the bone is.

Who is a candidate for a bone densitometry test?

The test is very helpful to women who are going through menopause. Because of their lack of estrogen, bones begin to weaken. Men are also candidates for developing osteoporosis.

How do I interpret my results?

The results of your bone densitometry scan will compare your bone mineral density values with those of the young normal patient (T Score) and with the age matched normal patient (Z score). When comparing your bone density scores, a lower score will indicate that you have lower bone density than normal.

How do I schedule a bone densitometry test?

Most women schedule their mammogram and bone density scan at the same time. To schedule your bone density scan and/or your mammogram
call the Breast Center at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital at 281-242-PINK (7465).