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The reappointment process starts and the following occurs three months prior to an allied health professional's two-year anniversary:

1.  A packet is sent to the allied health professional.

This packet includes:

  • Cover letter
  • Delineation of Privileges form
  • Confidentiality and Security Agreement form
  • Texas Standardized Credentialing Application
  • Addendum to Texas Standardized Credentialing Application w/ third page for reappointment request
  • Employing/Sponsoring Practitioner Statement
  • Sponsoring Physician Evaluation
  • Statement of Continuing Education (Physician Assistants only)

Please note there is a non-refundable reappointment fee of $100.

The reappointment packets are required to be returned within 30 days. Failure to complete the reappointment process is considered a voluntary resignation.

Once the packet is returned to the Medical Staff Services Department, a final check of the documents for completeness and accuracy will take place.

2.  After all data elements have been verified and the reappointment process is complete, the allied health professional's file is presented to designated committee and board for recommendation and approval.


For questions concerning a physician's status, please contact the Medical Staff Services Department at 281-274-7922.