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Medical Intensive Care Unit

For Patients and Families

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Welcome to the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at The Methodist Hospital. The MICU is a 24-bed intensive care unit that specializes in the care of critically ill patients with medical disorders. Our staff is committed to providing comprehensive and well coordinated care to your loved one. We consider you a member of this very important team and want to be sure that you have a thorough understanding of what to expect from the MICU experience.

We understand that hospitalization can be a stressful time for patients and their families. Be assured that we are here to assist you. During your time here with us, you may have questions about the hospital, about your stay, and about the many services we offer patients and guests. This website was created to help answer these questions. Should you need additional information or assistance, please ask your nurse or contact the MICU front desk at 713-441-3020.

The Patient Care Team

The team providing care for your family member consists of professionals from many fields. The team may include the patient's attending and consulting physicians, the intensivist (a physician who has had special training in critical care medicine), residents and critical care fellows, registered nurses, patient care assistants, unit secretaries, respiratory and physical therapists, dietitians, case managers, chaplains and social workers.

The entire MICU team is committed to providing patients and their families with outstanding care and service.