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The Methodist Hospital performs nation’s first intravascular robotic procedure with Magellan™ Robotic System

Houston, TX - 10/12/2012

The Methodist Hospital in Houston is the first institution in the United States to use a new cutting-edge robotic system to treat patients with peripheral vascular disease.

The vascular surgery team, led by Dr. Alan Lumsden, chair of the department of cardiovascular surgery and medical director of the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, performed the procedure using the Magellan™ Robotic System from Hansen Medical Inc.

“This new intravascular robotic system represents a fundamental step forward in the transformation of vascular intervention,” Lumsden said. “It allows us to offer less invasive endovascular options to a broader group of patients suffering from complex vascular disease.”

The system allows a surgeon to more precisely steer a catheter inside and around blood vessels. Lumsden says it can be used for any procedure involving complex catheterization, and will be especially useful in lower extremity arterial interventions and branched endografts. In addition, the technology will help cut down procedure time, and lessen the radiation exposure and reduce procedural fatigue because the doctor can sit at a remote workstation outside the imaging suite.  

“We believe in the future the device will be able to be programmed to follow specific paths that will avoid the arterial walls and make the procedure even safer for the patient,” said Dr. Jean Bismuth, a vascular surgeon at the Heart Center and a member of the team that performed the first case.

“Methodist has been a pioneer in the use of intravascular robotics andwe are very excited to be able to marry this technology to 3-D imaging because we it will give us the ability to do some procedures that we haven’t been able to do so easily in the past and that will be a great benefit to patients with complex problems, Lumsden said.

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