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Inpatient Information


Most inpatients are pre-admitted to the hospital or admitted through the Emergency Room. If you have questions about the admitting process, call the Admitting Office at 713-394-6800. For security reasons, the Dunn Tower Lobby, where admissions are handled, is closed to the public 10:00 pm – 5:30 am daily. During these hours the only public entrance to the Hospital is on Level One, which is through the Emergency Room controlled access area.

Patient Confidentiality

You may request a "no information" status upon admission, or at any time during your stay, by calling the Admitting Office at 713-394-6800. "No information" means that, by law, we cannot confirm to callers and visitors that you are being treated at the hospital as an inpatient, outpatient or Emergency Room patient. Callers and visitors requesting patient information will not be given your room number or the direct phone number to your room, but you may share this information with friends and family as you see fit. Likewise, you will not receive flowers, mail or other deliveries unless they are addressed specifically to your correct room number. If you have questions, please call Admitting at 713-394-6800 or the Communications Dept. at 713-394-6990.

Room Assignments

We have private, semi-private and deluxe rooms available. Although we cannot guarantee a specific type of room, every effort will be made to meet your room requests.

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