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General Information for Endoscopy Patients


  • Upon arrival to the department, the patient will be admitted by a nurse and then taken to a preparation area.
  • Close to the time of the procedure, the patient will be taken to the procedure room.
  • Visitors and family are not allowed to stay with patients in the procedure rooms.
  • The procedure will be performed by the doctor, assisted by our nursing and technical staff.


  • If you are unsure of the scheduled procedure time, please ask the nurse who calls the patient into the department.
  • Most patients receive sedation for endoscopy procedures.
  • Procedures general take between 30 and 60 minutes, but can take longer.
  • If you are concerned about the time that has elapsed, please ask the receptionist for an update on the progress of the procedure.
  • After the procedure, the doctor will meet with the relative or other person designated by the patient.
  • Please check with the receptionist after the physician has talked to you.
  • If you wish to leave the area to get refreshments, you will have time after the doctor has talked to you.

Post Procedure

  • Outpatients:
    • When the procedure is finished, the patient will be taken to an observation area for recovery.
    • The average recovery stay is 30-60 minutes.
    • One visitor will be allowed to stay with the patient.
    • All patients who receive sedation will need someone to drive them home.
    • The nurse will determine when the patient is ready for dismissal according to discharge criteria, and will ask you to drive your vehicle to the first floor valet area to pick them up.
    • If you do not intend to remain here throughout the procedure and recovery, pleas leave your phone number and the nurse will call you when it is time to pick the patient up.
    • The Smith Tower Endoscopy Unit can be reached by calling 713-441-5470.
    • The Post Procedure Observation Area can be reached by calling 713-441-7150.
  • Inpatients:
    • When the procedure is finished, the patient will be monitored in the department observation area for a short time (generally 30 minutes).
    • One visitor will be allowed to stay with the patient.
    • You will be notified when the patient is leaving the department to return to their room.
    • The doctor will order any diet and activity restrictions necessary after the procedure.
    • Most patients are drowsy for the remainder of the day, and should get out of bed only with assistance.
    • You may check with the patient's nurse on return to their room regarding diet and activity.