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Clinical Service Chief

Dan Lehane, M.D.
Clinical Service Chief

The Hematology Service at Houston Methodist Hospital offers highly specialized expertise to an extensive array of patients in the greater Houston area and Gulf Coast region. Houston Methodist's unique staff of dedicated hematologists makes it a renowned treatment center for individuals suffering from both common and complex blood disorders. The physicians have specific training and broad experience with benign as well as malignant hematology disorders.

With specialized testing and clinical drug trials readily available, the physicians and health care professionals of the Hematology Service work to diagnose and treat conditions such as:

  • Anemias, including sickle-cell, aplastic and immune
  • Bleeding and clotting disorders
  • Primary and secondary thrombocytopenias
  • Myeloproliferative disorders
  • Lymphomas
  • Leukemias
  • Severe, rare blood problems such as thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH)

The ability to treat such an extensive variety of blood disorders stems from the service's access to cutting-edge research, advanced clinical trials and sophisticated labs. This access allows hematologists to create flexible treatment plans for individual patients regardless of how benign or severe their conditions are. In some cases, patients receive new drug therapies before they are widely available to the public.

Houston Methodist's Hematology Service remains extraordinary because of its research capabilities and focused expertise. It works closely with the Cell and Gene Therapy Center and the Methodist Cancer Center to diagnose and treat blood cancers. Because of its expansive, specific knowledge, the service frequently accepts referrals from around the city and region, often rendering informed opinions and diagnoses to community oncologists and hematologists as well as primary physicians.