Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine.
Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine

Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center

Our Physicians

The cardiology specialists of the Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Institute are national and international leaders in a diverse array of fields, united by the common goal of developing and delivering the best care for each patient who enters our doors.


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Cardiovascular Surgeons

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Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

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Fetter, John, M.D.
Masud, Faisal, M.D.
Ratnani, Iqbal, M.D.
Thaker, Kamlesh, M.D.
Tuazon, Divina, M.D.
Uddin, Faisal, M.D.

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Brunner, Gerd, Ph.D.
Donovan, Michael A.
Entman, Mark, M.D.
Frangogiannis, Nikolaos, M.D.
Hamilton, Dale, M.D.
Hartley, Craig, Ph.D.
Haudek, Sandra, Ph.D.

Hoogeveen, Ron, Ph.D.
Hsueh, Willa A., M.D.
Igo, Stephen R.
Jones, Peter, M.D.
Michael, Lloyd, Ph.D.
Morrisett Joel, Ph.D.
Neal, Ryan, M.D.
Reddy, Anilkumar, Ph.D.
Taffet, George M.D.
Trial, JoAnn, Ph.D.
Zsolt, Garami Ph.D.

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