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Patient Stories

Jesse Aldrich

Ninety-year old Jesse Aldrich survived three wars. A few months ago, Aldrich did not know how much longer that luck would last. Aldrich suffered from severe aortic stenosis, a serious heart valve condition where more than half of those diagnosed die within two years.

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Susan Dickson

A legacy of patient care is part of what defines Houston Methodist. Hospital staff are famously dedicated to patient needs and comfort. But in the case of Susan Dickson, it also refers to the longstanding relationships Houston Methodist health care providers foster with patients.

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Felicia Galloway

Two weeks after 40-year-old Felicia Galloway had her third child, she began experiencing severe back pain. She thought she had pulled a muscle, but quickly learned her situation was serious.

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Henry Ham

Henry Ham is a diesel mechanic who loves his work. However in 2009, he noticed that fixing trucks and performing daily activities were becoming increasingly more difficult.

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Brian Hodder

In June 2004, Brian Hodder, a 74-year-old retired farmer in New Zealand, noticed symptoms of wheezing when he lay on his left side in bed and a slight but persistent cough.

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Rose Joubert

Rose Joubert loves to cook and she loves to sing. A replacement heart valve the 70-year-old received in early 2012 is helping ensure she can continue to do both -- to the delight of family, friends, and the members of her church.

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Kurt Salziger

Who doesn’t know somebody who has an adult heart murmur? For most of my life, if I mentioned my heart murmur, someone else in the group also had one. It was a matter for light conversation, not a serious subject—like talking to a person who drives the same make of car that I have.

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Mark Staudt

Mark Staudt ran his first marathon in 2007, but he could never beat his time in that first race. After running in 2008 and 2009, he decided to get a stress test to see why his times weren't improving with experience and training.

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Gilbert Swagger

Gilbert Swagger has always been good with his hands — able to fix virtually anything, including complex machines. So it must have been frustrating when Swagger, who lives in Lufkin, Texas, found his stamina had waned, making work on long projects more difficult.

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J. Rob Walker

When a harmless heart murmur turned into something more serious, World War II veteran J. Rob Walker turned to Houston Methodist doctors, who gave him a new valve. And activities that were once energy draining and difficult are now routine.

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Ronny Yon

On September 25, 2008, Rony was at the grocery store carrying bags to his car when he felt a terrible pain in his upper back and chest. By the time he got home, the pain was so severe, he knew something was terribly wrong.

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