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Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center

Chest Pain Unit

If a patient is having a heart attack, time is of the essence. That's why we created our 24-hour Chest Pain Unit, a specific area within our emergency department where we can evaluate and treat patients with atypical chest pain as soon as they arrive.

At the Chest Pain Unit, patients are immediately evaluated by a team of specialists to determine if they are having a heart attack. If a heart attack is indicated, we admit them to the Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, where our highly skilled doctors and staff can provide state-of-the-art treatment during the critical early stages of a cardiac event.

The Chest Pain Unit also:

  • Allows physicians to closely monitor patients while they are being evaluated
  • Helps ensure that patients with chest pains are neither sent home too early nor needlessly admitted to the hospital
  • Provides cardiac services ranging from sophisticated diagnostic testing with leading-edge technology to coronary artery angioplasty and open heart surgery

The Chest Pain Unit at Houston Methodist Hospital was the first in the Texas Medical Center to be nationally accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers. This accreditation recognizes our expertise and commitment to quality patient care, our ability to meet or exceed the Society's stringent criteria, and our performance in on-site evaluations by an expert review team.

For more information about our Chest Pain Unit, please call 713-DEBAKEY (332-2539) or complete our online contact us form.