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Imaging Technology

Cardiac MRI

Cardiovascular MRI provides images in real time, allowing views of blood vessels and flow around the heart. This technological advancement allows physicians to clearly see heart damage. Patient safety is also enhanced using MRI by eliminating exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Cardiac CT

The latest innovation in computed tomography (CT) technology is the 64 slice Cardiac CT. Cardiac CT is an alternative to more invasive procedures such as catheterization and coronary angiography, and allows physicians to visualize heart structures in much greater detail. This non-invasive, high speed method is more comfortable for patients since they are required to hold their breath for a shorter period of time; and rapid scanning prevents distortion of the image from multiple heartbeats.


DynaCT is a potentially life-saving innovation in interventional radiology called Angiographic Computed Tomography (ACT), enabling physicians to see vascular abnormalities and surrounding soft tissue during an angiography procedure, avoiding the time lost having to leave the angiography suite for CT imaging. In emergency situations such as a ruptured blood vessel, this imaging capability enables more rapid assessments and initiation of treatment.

3-D Echocardiogram

The latest evolution in cardiac ultrasound imaging is the real-time 3-D echocardiogram. Involving the passing of a probe down the esophagus, transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) technology can now produce dynamic, real-time images of the heart in motion. Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates physicians have extensive expertise in using 3-D echocardiograms to diagnose heart and heart valve defects; and determine the most appropriate interventions.