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Innovations in Diagnostic Services

The Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates offers the latest technologies for diagnosing heart and vascular conditions; including advanced tools for imaging and mapping patient anatomy enabling Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates physicians to plan and execute highly complex surgical procedures. In contrast to most institutions, all of the cardiovascular diagnostic services are contained within the Heart Center. Innovations in imaging technology have resulted in the Cardiac MRI, the 64 Slice Cardiac CT, and the DynaCT which give Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates physicians state-of-the-art capabilities for viewing complex heart and vascular structures. In addition, a broad range of non-invasive techniques based on ultrasound and doppler technologies help determine the presence of heart and vascular defects such as 3-D echocardiograms for detecting heart valve disorders; ultrasound for detecting carotid stenosis (narrowing), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and aortic and abdominal aneurysms; and Transcranial Doppler (TCD) for detecting intracranial vascular blockages.