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Edward Rhee, M.D.

Lillian W. Gaber, M.D.

Lillian W. Gaber, M.D.


Clinical Expertise

  • Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine

Selected Professional Activity

  • Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine
  • The Methodist Hospital Physician Organization
  • Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University

Research Interest

Recent Publications

  • Eison TM, Hastings MC, Moldoveanu Z, Sanders JT, Gaber L, Walker PD, Lau KK, Julian BA, Novak J, Wyatt RJ. Association of IgG co-deposition with serum levels of galactose-deficient IgA1 in pediatric IgA nephropathy. Clin Nephrol. 2012 Sep 24. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Devos JM, Gaber AO, Knight RJ, Land GA, Suki WN, Gaber LW, Patel SJ. Donor-specific HLA-DQ antibodies may contribute to poor graft outcome after renal transplantation. Kidney Int. 2012 Sep;82(5):598-604.
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  • Gaber LW. Pancreas allograft biopsies in the management of pancreas transplant recipients: histopathologic review and clinical correlations. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2007 Aug;131(8):1192-9. Review.

Dr. Gaber's Biography

Dr. Gaber received her M.D. degree from the Ain Shams University School of Medicine in Cairo, Egypt in 1976. She then completed residencies in anatomical and clinical pathology at the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and a fellowship in perinatal obstetrics and gynecology pathology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Gaber joined the faculty at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee as an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology in 1987. She became a full professor there in 1998. While at the University of Memphis, Dr. Gaber held many leadership positions including director of the Electron Microscopy and Renal Laboratories, director of the General Histology Laboratories, director of the Special Histology Laboratory in the Department of Pathology, and Chief of Clinical Services for the Department of Pathology. Dr. Gaber received her faculty appointment at the Weill Cornell Medical College in 2010.

Dr. Gaber is board certified in anatomic pathology with a subspecialty interest in nephropathology. Her research focuses on studying donor kidney biopsies at the cellular and molecular levels to determine suitability for transplantation, changes following organ reperfusion, and the efficacy of immunosuppressive therapies