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Kidney Disease & Cancer

Kidney Disease & Cancer

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Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that filter waste products out of the blood and help the body excrete them in the urine. The kidneys also play important roles in a variety of important body functions, such as controlling the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to your tissues.

Kidney Disease
According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 20 million adults age 20 and over in the United States have chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD is a condition characterized by the gradual loss of kidney function over time. This may ultimately lead to complete kidney failure if the condition is not identified and treated at an early stage.

Kidney Cancer
When cells in the kidneys grow at an unusually rapid rate, they can form tumors that may be cancerous. In 2012, over 64,000 new cases of kidney cancer will occur, and over 13,000 people will die from the disease.1

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