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June 12 2012

Purvi Ruiz
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Methodist Willowbrook Breast Center Now Offers
Stereotactic Biopsy Service

(Houston, TX) — The Methodist Willowbrook Hospital Breast Center now offers stereotactic biopsy, a minimally invasive method of obtaining breast tissue samples so they can be examined for the presence of cancer.

Each year more than 200,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the vast majority survives—due in part to technology that allows the cancer to be found and treated early.

One of those technologies is stereotactic biopsy, which uses the same process as mammography to pinpoint the exact spot of an abnormality so that a sample can be removed for analysis. The Methodist Willowbrook Breast Center recently installed a Hologic® MultiCare™ Platinum prone breast biopsy table, one of the most advanced options available for stereotactic biopsy.

"This new technology," remarks Dr. Tuenchit Khamapirad, a dedicated breast radiographer and the Medical Director of the Breast Center, "is another example of our commitment to making the Breast Center at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital the leading breast imaging facility in the area. It is our mission to provide our patients with excellent medical care and treat them with the utmost respect and compassion."

"Some lesions can only be seen via mammogram, and stereotactic biopsy offers us a highly accurate means of getting to them," continues Dr. Khamapirad. "Our Hologic table also features a collection of ergonomically designed cushions, which allows us to offer patients the most comfortable experience possible."

In a stereotactic biopsy, the breast radiologist uses low radiation dose images of the breast (mammograms) to guide a biopsy needle to the exact location of the abnormality. The physician then removes a small tissue sample so that it can be examined for the presence of cancer cells.

"We´ve performed stereotactic biopsies for a number of patients, with highly successful results," says Breast Center Supervisor Diane Garcia, R.T. (R.M.). "The women of Willowbrook don´t need to go to the Texas Medical Center to benefit from the very latest technology—we´re very proud that we can provide it right here where they live."

Methodist Willowbrook Hospital CEO Beryl Ramsey agrees. "Methodist Willowbrook is committed to improving the health of women and fighting breast cancer," she says. "We are pleased to dedicate further resources to our mission of providing women in Northwest Houston with access to the most advanced life-saving technology, in a compassionate environment right here in their community."

To learn more about stereotactic biopsies at the Methodist Willowbrook Breast Center or to or to make an appointment, call (281) 737-1900. Appointments for screening mammograms are available during evening hours and on weekends to better accommodate patients' scheduling needs.

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