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Jared Gilliam

Jared Gilliam, Ph.D.

Jared Gilliam, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow 2
NeuroScience Imaging & Electrophysiology Lab
Department of Systems Medicine and Bioengineering
Houston Methodist Research Institute
Houston, Texas 77030-2707
E-mail: jgilliam2@houstonmethodist.org


B.S. Texas A&M University (Genetics)
Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine (Biochemistry)

Postdoctoral Training

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas Health Science Center (Neurobiology)

Description of Research

Dr. Gilliam’s research focuses on neurodegenerative diseases of the brain and retina with the goal of improving detection and treatment of neurological disorders. Symptomatic alterations in neuronal anatomy and function stem from precise molecular changes within the cell. To identify these changes, current work utilizes intravital two-photon imaging, biochemical resonance imaging, and patch-clamp electrophysiology to discover disease targets and develop strategies to improve disease management.


Gilliam, J.C., Chang, J.T., Sandoval I.M., Zhang Y., Li, T., Pittler, S.J., Chiu, W., Wensel, T.G. Three-dimensional architecture of the rod sensory cilium and its disruption in retinal neurodegeneration. Cell. 2012, 151(5): 1029-41.

Gilliam, J.C., Wensel, T.G. TRP channel gene expression in the mouse retina. Vision Res. 2011, 51: 2440-52.