Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine.
Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine

The Texas Medical Center

Houston Methodist Hospital is one of the founding institutions of the Texas Medical Center. This association of hospitals and health care institutions is one of the world’s largest, helping to create an exceptional concentration of physicians, scientists and researchers, working together in a functional collaboration dedicated to health and healing.

Facts and Figures

As the largest medical complex in the world, the Texas Medical Center is an internationally recognized community of healing, learning, and discovery.  The Texas Medical Center in Houston is home to many of the nation’s best hospitals, physicians, researchers, educational institutions and health care providers.  Recognized by U.S. News & World Report’s Annual Survey of America’s Best Hospitals, the member institutions of the Texas Medical Center are known throughout the world for the quality of patient care, teaching, research and prevention of illness and injury. 

  • Member Institutions:  54
  • Annual Patient Visits:  7.1 million
  • Annual International Patient Visits:  16,000
  • Employees:  92,500
  • Full-time Students:  34,000*
  • Volunteers Daily:  12,000
  • Residents and Fellows:  4,000
  • Visiting Scientists, Researchers and Students:  7,000**
  • Total Hospital Beds:  6,900
  • Total Bassinets:  400
  • Annual Surgeries:  350,000
  • Babies Delivered (Annually):  28,000
  • Total Budget (All Institutions):  $14 billion
  • Total Size:  280 Buildings, 1300 Acres, 45.5 million square feet.

*Student numbers only include those of programs of health related member institutions.
**Includes data from 9 academic member institutions

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